Dr. Yethindra Vityala.

– A Doctor, Researcher, Author, Activist and Philanthropist.. . a complete POLYMATHY.


Dr. Vityala Yethindra is an ingenious doctor, a trailblazing researcher, prolific medical author, and an eloquent speaker. He was born on January 10, 1997, in Warangal, Telangana. He is a 12-time world record holder, World’s Youngest Scientist in Medicine, and the recipient of national and international awards. He has completed 51 courses offered by esteemed universities and has authored two books and 23 publications in reputed journals.


Dr. Vityala Yethindra has a vision to extend help and impart knowledge to many more students of different ages and countries. He is interested in learning more new things and gaining more expertise in his field of work – finding new and repurposing drugs for some diseases. He had dream projects and initiatives of working on to combat child sexual abuse, unemployment, nature crisis, climate emergency, and preparedness in youth for volunteering to strengthen Sustainable Development Goals.


  • 10th standard, Tejaswi concept High School, Telangana (2012-2013).
  • 11th & 12th standard (Intermediate), S.R. Junior College for Boys, Telangana (2013-2015).
  • Completed 51 courses from esteemed universities (2018-2019).
  • MD; International Higher School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan (2016-2021).

Latest News and present working areas:

At present, Dr. Yethindra is working on etiology, treatment, prevention, and ethical issues related to different diseases such as cancer, COVID-19, leprosy, stroke, thrombocytopenia, and tuberculosis. He is working in preparation of clinical protocols, clinical study reports, rare case studies, pharmacovigilance safety protocols, in vitro and in vivo studies results.

He is active Editor in Eurasian Medical Journal, Reviewer in Clinical case reports (Wiley) and Biomedicine (India) Journals.


Supporting and encouraging peers and PhD students

Dr. Yethindra believes that “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.” In 2020, he conducted 63 webinars and meetings as the host and speaker through Skype and Zoom (March to December) for his peers, clarifying queries in academics, and medical research.

In 2019-2021, He helped 23 peers and 34 PhD students from Kyrgyzstan, with academics and research methodology for free; He further helped them conduct research and acquire positive results in universities.

Information about opportunities in medical research and other activities will be uploaded in a timely manner as per the availability of notifications.

Contact for Collaborations

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